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10 tips to improve your Airbnb listing

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Even if you are witnessing great success on Airbnb, you should know that there is always room for improvement. Keep in mind that competition on Airbnb is fierce and you have to do your best to look for new ways that can help you get new clients and keep the existing ones. This is where your listings come into play. Experienced Airbnb hosts can confirm that Airbnb listings play a major role in this process. That’s why we have created a short list of 10 tips that can improve any Airbnb host improve their listings.

1. Highlight the things that make your property special

You don’t need a long introduction to your Airbnb listing – get straight to the point right away by highlighting your special selling points. Think about a few things that make your rental property different especially compared to others in the same area. Does it have a sea view? Is it close to some popular attraction? Does it have a renovated bathroom? Point out these things.

2. Put yourself in a position of a guest

Analysing your target audience and how they think and act is another good advice for improving your Airbnb listing. Talk in a language that they understand and make sure that you understand their requirements and needs. Is your rental property good for hikers or maybe it’s used by hipsters? Take these things into account.

3. Use subheadings

Reading a long block of text can be boring, no matter how interesting your content is. People like to see subheadings because sometimes they need just one important fact to make a decision. So, use subheadings whenever it is possible. Use subheadings to describe different parts of your home, use subheadings to list the attractions close to your property, amenities etc. This is the best way to present valuable information in an engaging way.

4. Check your grammar and spelling

Regardless of your native language, you should find a way to check your grammar and spelling. You must use proper grammar and correct spelling. Consult a friend of yours or use online forums to get help. if you don’t mind a small investment, you can hire a freelance proof reader to get this job done for you. If there are many spelling errors, your offer will look a little bit shady and people will probably avoid your property.

This Airbnb is a very good example of how to write a good listing description!


5. Be realistic

There is no need to use fancy words to describe your property in case it doesn’t look that way. Just be realistic, but make sure to point out the best things about it. If there is something that can be perceived as a problem by some potential guests don’t hesitate to explain that too. Keep in mind that once these travelers are gone, they will leave a review and bad reviews can ruin your Airbnb venture.

6. Upload beautiful photos

Don’t forget that the listing includes photos too. It is highly recommended to use a few high-resolution photos that will display your property in the best possible way. Use HD 1920 x 1080 pixels photography and try to provide shots from different angles. Let the users see your property from inside and outside. Add a photograph that will display the view too especially if it’s close to the sea. You can read more about this topic in our article Tyann's Top 10 Tips for AirBnB Photos (Part1).

7. Don’t use unnecessary words

Although it may sound good to you, the truth is that Airbnb listings should not contain sales or cheap words like cool, awesome, breath taking, stunning etc. It’s okay to use these words once, but don’t overstuff your listing with unnecessary words. By providing precise information about the rooms, amenities and the surrounding area as well as with the photos, your potential guests will get a clear picture of what they can expect.

8. Create your own writing style

Let the visitors know that your home, just like you, has a personality. Use the same voice in all the descriptions in case you have more than one Airbnb listing. Your writing style should match the characteristics of your potential guests.

9. Create a list of questions and provide answers

Of course, you don’t have to add the questions. Just ask yourself – what would a visitor like to know? They certainly want to know the number of guests that can be accommodated, where are the closest market, attractions and other similar things. Make a list and answer all these questions.

10. Create a call to action

Finally, your Airbnb listing must have a call to action. These call to action sentences should encourage them to send you a message or book your rental property right away. For instance, you can ask them to send you a message if they have any questions at any time or remind them that people are especially interested in properties in your area during a certain period of the year and that’s why they should hurry

We hope that these tips will help you improve your Airbnb listing and get more guests!

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