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Filling your personal profile on Airbnb

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As you probably know, getting registered on Airbnb is free, but you still have to create a profile in order to make a reservation or to become a host. The hosts have public profiles that can be accessed by anyone while users can hide some of their information.


Filling a personal profile on Airbnb is not a difficult task. The personal profile on Airbnb includes some basic information about you like First and Last Name which are visible once the booking is confirmed. You also have to select a birth date, gender, write the email address and add a phone number. All these things can be hidden from the public. In addition, this information is required from every Airbnb user.

There is also a part of your personal profile that you can choose to ignore. In this section, you can add things like the school you’ve finished, your current and past jobs, time zone, languages and emergency contact information.

It is good to point out that the information you share on Airbnb must be real. Sharing information that is not true is against Airbnb’s policies and you risk to get banned from this website.

The importance of filling your personal profile on Airbnb

The main reason why you have to fill your profile is simple – hosts want to check their potential clients before their rent their places while travelers want to check the hosts before they decide to use their rentals. This is the first step toward a successful deal.

Unfortunately, many Airbnb hosts are focused only on their property profile. While it is true that this profile plays an important role, it is also true that in many cases the personal profile can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. What would you think if you are planning on using a property of a host that doesn’t have a profile photo and almost no information on their personal profile? You will probably think that something is not right.

By filling your personal profile as an Airbnb host, you will get a chance to increase your reliability. As a result of that, you can expect to get more bookings. It turns out that potential guests love personal profiles of hosts that have clear photos of (preferably) smiling hosts.

In addition, the personal profile is the place where you can explain more about yourself. In this way, you can add a personal touch to your offer or even establish yourself as a good guest that has knowledge about the local region.

We have already mentioned that reliability and credibility can get more booking for any host and another way in which personal profiles can help is that you can use it to showcase references and verifications too. The verifications are kept hidden while the references will stimulate guests to check your place.

Both guests and hosts at Airbnb can feel the benefits of filling their personal profiles completely. This is a task that doesn’t require much time and effort.

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