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How Airbnb Plus work

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Airbnb Plus is designed as a top-level tier of Airbnb. This tier is reserved for hosts that have properties that have been verified by the platform for both comfort and quality. There is a 100-point checklist that a rental property must meet in order to be eligible for this service. In addition, there are few other conditions that hosts must meet. At the same time, they have introduced Beyond by Airbnb, where visitors can find the highest-end rentals. Additionally, this service will include travel planning activities for users in the near future.

This is not the first time for Airbnb to surprise its users with innovative features and programs. It is obvious that Airbnb is trying really hard to diversify with the help of these new services. They want to be more than a simple platform where people can offer their rentals and connect with travellers. With these latest services, Airbnb is becoming a more comprehensive travel portal for online users.


How does Airbnb Plus work?

As we already said, Airbnb Plus represents a verification Airbnb provides to a small number of hosts that meet their requirements. Every candidate for Airbnb Plus status is visited in person in order to determine the level of comfort, design, and consistency. Each of these homes is checked for over 100 things that modern guests are looking for from decorations to necessary amenities. You can check the official requirements here.

When it comes to comfort, these homes are checked from the ground to the ceiling. This evaluation includes the quality of linens and functionality of beds, furniture layout, number of hangers and more.


We have mentioned before, that the amenities play important role in the Airbnb Plus program. Every Airbnb hosts interested in entering this program must provide a consistent set of amenities required by modern travellers. In other words, the guests should feel like they are in their own home or even better. These things include fast Wi-Fi access, HD TV, completely equipped kitchens and even some refined options like having an opportunity to get bottled or filtered water, modern hairdryers, and irons, serving ware and more.


Of course, this Airbnb Plus tier is not given forever. Hosts must be careful and take good care of their homes. Homes that are not completely clean, free of clutter and not completely functional will lose their status. Those who want to get an Airbnb Plus status must maintain the interior and exterior of their properties all the time. Every appliance in your home must be working properly, your home must have a high level of security (window and door locks), and you must keep every space from your yard to your bedroom clean and well-organized.


Airbnb Hosts are known for their exceptional style. They are able to add some personality to their properties and they usually keep an elegant style in their homes. The homes they are offering via Airbnb look both attractive and welcoming.


So, Airbnb Plus represents a brand new selection of high-quality homes. The hosts that have a chance to be listed via Airbnb Plus need to have a list of great reviews with an average of 4.8 rating from guests. They have to be welcoming, which translates into having an acceptation rate of 95% of bookings requests. Finally, they need to be committed -no cancellations in the last year. In other words, they are like semi-pro hoteliers. Airbnb hosts that are part of this new selection will get a Plus badge on their listings.

At this moment, the Airbnb Plus program is available in a limited number of cities across the world – Toronto, Sydney, Shanghai, San Francisco, Rome, Milan, Melbourne, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cape Town, Barcelona, Barcelona, Cape Town and more. There are currently over 300 Airbnb Plus homes in Airbnb’s offer, but their number is expected to grow shortly. So far, Airbnb hosts have shown great interest in this feature. One of the main reasons for that is the fact that they can rent their properties faster and at a better price through this service.

With Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb, hosts that have high-end properties can make a difference. Once again, Airbnb has proven that they are focused on delivering the best options for their users according to their needs and requirements.