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How to Manage your Airbnb Remotely?

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It turns out that a significant number of Airbnb hosts don’t live in the same place as their property. This obviously makes the situation a little bit more complicated when you want to deliver an excellent experience to all your guests and ensure that your rental property is safe when you are not around.

The good news is that there are a few things that Airbnb hosts can do to manage their properties remotely without any hassles.


Use smart technology

First of all, you should take advantage of smart technology. For instance, there are a few reputable brands that provide smart locks. Just use their apps to unlock your property when guests check in. As you are probably aware, you can also adjust lighting and temperature remotely and allow your guests to do that. Additionally, you can use Amazon Alexa or similar devices to help guests get the necessary information for the location. This will replace the typical face-to-face talk that Airbnb guests expect. Smart technology is getting smarter every day, so keep checking the latest devices that may help you in this process.

Choose the right cleaners

You can’t expect to run a successful Airbnb property if it is not clean. Cleanliness is one of the most important things to modern travelers according to the latest surveys. If you are managing your Airbnb from another place, you must choose professional cleaners and arrange a deal with them. Find two of them just in case and make sure that they can respond relatively quickly when you need them. Obviously, sometimes you may need help from your friends or family members who live there.

Keep things neat and well-organized

It’s nice to add some decorations in your home, but if you want to manage your Airbnb remotely, it’s highly recommended to declutter your place. Remove everything that is unnecessary from your property. The more things you have the more problems you can expect. Keep all the things that Airbnb guests may actually need and keep just some of the decorations. Everything that is personal needs to go somewhere else. Organize the stuff in your place in a proper manner and keep everything neat.

Find a handyman

This is another good advice for those of you planning on being Airbnb hosts remotely. Every now and then, your property will need assistance like small repairs for example. You can use the same person to hand the keys to the guests and take the keys when they are leaving. Needless to say, this has to be someone you trust.

Create a welcome note

In case you provide sufficient information for your guests, it’s very likely that they won’t have a reason to contact you. Create a welcome note that includes all the information they need to use your property and information about local activities, stores, restaurants, and attractions.

While it’s true that managing an Airbnb property remotely requires more preparation and slightly more efforts, it’s also true that this activity is worth it.

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