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Top 15 vacation rental blogs

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Vacation Rental Events - VrTech

VrTech is defined as “a meet-up where professional & technology companies get together to accelerate innovation in the vacation rental industry.” Every year they publish a document called the Who is Who of the Vacation Rental World with a comprehensive list of vacation rental technology services all around the world. We, at ListinOK, have gone through most of their websites selecting what we consider the most influential blogs in the Vacation Rental Business. We have made sure these blogs have been updated at least once during the last month and that their content is not only promotional but also educational.


Copywriting – Guestbook

This company offers you well-written and effective travel marketing copy to help make your vacation rental business more profitable. On their blog, you will find many marketing tips, especially regarding content and branding.

Channel Manager - RentalsUnited

Under the logo “we unite the industry,” RentalsUnited offers a new generation channel manager that brings together owners, property managers, listing sites and vacation rental service providers. Their blog is very visual and has interesting categories such as “Best of…” and “Just for fun.” They publish an average of three articles per month.

Cleaning & Maintenance – Properly

Properly is a management tool for vacation rentals that allows you to make interactive visual checklists, schedule your service providers, connect to your listing platforms, and organize other changeover services. They have a very active blog with sometimes more than 6 entries per month. Their categories are Properly News, Cleaning & Housekeeping, VR Host & Owner Tips and Case Studies.

Guidebooks – Hostfully

If you need a guide for your vacation rental business Hostfully is your company. In Hostfully they are experts in improving your guest experience, and you can feel this on their blog. They have a very active blog where you will find more than 10 categories going from business management to vacation destinations.

Advertising -Adobe PR

They are specialist in storytelling, so your vacation rental business gets all the attention it deserves. They offer public relations, content marketing, and social media services. Their blog is well known in their industry for their articles about PR. They publish a couple of entries per month.

Education & Training – VRMB

VRMB has a powerful goal: “close the learning gap between newcomers and the biggest brands in vacation rentals,” and best of all, it’s entirely free. Matt Landau is one of the most experienced persons in the industry. He travels the world meeting other guests and showing their success stories.

Industry News – VRM Intell

Their mission is to provide relevant industry-specific news, information, and resources to help professionals build their businesses, to address the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, and to positively contribute to the vacation rental ecosystem. If you want to keep posted with the latest news, check this page on a regular basis.

Market Place – Flipkey

FlipKey is a vacation rental marketplace just like Airbnb. The difference is that it belongs to TripAdvisor Rentals and has fewer properties (830.000). Its blog is worth of reading for both, travelers and home owners. If there is an article you can’t miss is “9 Luxurious Ski House Rentals Around The Globe With Insane Hot Tubs”.

Events – VRMA

The Vacation Rental Management Association contributes to the industry by providing educational and networking opportunities, emphasizing the value of the vacation rental experience and promoting professionalism. Its blog is one of the most active ones with more than 4 articles per month. They cover all types of topics but especially regulations and events.

Investing – Cottage Blogger

The story of Cottage Blogger is a family store, and its blog is one of the oldest one in the industry. The main authors of this blog are Heather Bayer and her son. Heather is also the writer of one the most famous books in the industry: Renting for Profit. In this blog, you will find articles for Owners, Managers, Realtors, and Marketers. They also have a Podcast!

Smart Locks – EveryDoor

Although it’s a tiny niche, they do have a blog. It is impressive to see how much you can learn about automatic check-ins, keyless access systems, and smart locks with this people. If you want to dive into the security access sea, this is your blog.

Noise Control - NoiseAware

NoiseAware is a non-invasive noise disturbance monitor, or as they prefer to call it the world’s first “smoke detector for noise.” They cover pretty much everything in their blog including exotic topics like the environment and of course, noise regulations.

3D Tours - Matterport

Matterport’s vision is to give people the freedom to experience any place at any time. We’re establishing 3D models as a primary medium for experiencing, sharing, and reimagining the world. Their blog’s main category is “how to sell more in real estate” especially, using the 3D technology.

Property Management Systems – Ipro Software

iPro Software’s provides a powerful CRM Booking Management System for the travel industry, its cloud-based software is efficient, affordable and flexible to the individual needs of our clients. They have a pretty active blog with six categories: channel management, holiday rental business, industry updates, marketing, top tips (highly recommended) and Villa Websites.

Events – Vacation Rental Summit

Property owners and managers get actionable tips to make their vacation rental business a success! In their blog, they feature the best articles, about the most important topics, from their incredible speakers and sponsors.

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