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More income, less work!

Maximize your Rental Income with Expert Revenue Management

Optimize your Airbnb and Listings for Peak Performance

Work less, increase your revenue!

Maximize your earnings effortlessly with our pricing and availability optimization service!

Increase revenue month by month

Unlock Optimal Pricing with Data-Driven Insights

Leverage cutting-edge analytics to empower your business with precise pricing recommendations. We monitor every 24 hours the variables that affect the optimal construction of price and availability

Our strategy is built on three key variables, designed to ensure your pricing not only meets the market standard but positions you ahead of the competition

Airbnb search results

Expected Occupancy

We analyze area occupancy every 24 hours, leveraging historical data to accurately forecast occupancy rates

We apply Azure Machine Learning to these large amounts of data that we collect to build models with a minimum margin of error

Current Price

By monitoring the pricing landscape, we ensure your rates are competitive yet profitable

This real-time data informs our recommendations, helping to adjust swiftly to market demand and price opportunities 


Current prices in Airbnb area

Listing Position

Visibility is crucial!

We continuously monitor where your listing stands in Airbnb search results pages and utilize this insight on our pricing strategies

This approach consistently boosts our clients' revenue by over 20%

With ListingOK, you're not just setting prices; you're strategically positioning your business for maximum profitability and market presence

See what our property managers are saying

"I'm having more income doing less work. I no longer have to worry about how to price my properties."

Happy property manager
Kotxo, Mallorca

"In just 9 months, I've gained crucial insights and significantly boosted my vacation rental revenue, far exceeding my expectations."

Happy host
Brian Dylan, Marbella

If you are an Airbnb or host with more than 8 properties, we must talk!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of support does your company offer?

    Our company offers done-for-you services, which means that we handle all aspects of Revenue Management for your properties. This includes handling any technical issues, so you can relax.

    Our communication with our clients is continuous, practically daily. We are a team always at your service.

  • How does your company integrate with Airbnb and Booking?

    We integrate through any Channel Manager (Hostify, KrossBooking, Smoobu, Lodgify, Icnea...), and if you don't have one already, we'll set it up for you. 

  • What type of reports and statistics does your company provide to evaluate the performance of my properties?

    We provide monthly reports that show the performance of your properties compared to previous months and to the competition.

  • Are there any restrictions on the number of properties I can manage with your consulting services?

    Yes, there is a minimum of 8 properties required, but there is no maximum. 

  • In which parts or regions of the world do you provide services?

    In all those where Airbnb and Booking are, that is, the whole world.
    Our service works anywhere there are at least 50 competitor listings, and works spectacularly in cities or tourist areas.